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Google Takes Over Boston

Google has taken over Boston’s North Station with it’s new ad campaign. The ads are very Google esque, straight to the point with no fluff. They always have a talent for displaying information and doing so as simply as possible and nailed it with these advertisements.

Text against a white background makes statements such as “Boloco has gone Google” as if it were a blank document being edited live as a Google Doc.

They also have taken the huge tablet-like screens and run their ads on them as if they were a mobile device using the actual Google Docs app.

If I didn’t already use Google all the time there is no doubt this advertisement assault would at least make me curious. 5 million companies apparently use it for everything. Companies I know and trust. Plus, it looks cool.

All the services Google offers are free. All that money was spent and effort was put into making sure the world knows that they offer an array of premium products for free that millions of companies and people trust

This is only an assumption, but I’m guessing they didn’t pay for themselves either. They plastered all those posters, lighted signs, tablet videos, ect without paying a dime themselves. In fact, Google was probably paid to do it.

How? The same way that has made them billions of dollars online. It was only a matter of time before they tested out doing the same thing in regular paid media advertising.

Google provides the platform where the people are and companies paid a hefty price for the chance to be featured on the stage Google provided. Hundreds of thousands of people come through that station between the daily commute, sporting events, and concerts.

Over 5 million businesses have gone Google, or so the ads say. Why wouldn’t you want the exclusive on being one of the 20 or so companies who get their name plastered all over the posters with one of the most successful internet companies that has ever existed.

Google will continue to dominate because it finds ways to provide value to companies. It looks for the best way to connect people with what they need. This time it was their free business solutions in a place where Boston business people travel every single day. Paid targeted advertising at it’s finest.

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