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Focus Your Mind

Your mind has a jockey and a horse.

The jockey is small and focused.

The horse is strong and wild.

Without the horse, the jockey has no force.

Without the jockey, the horse could not run the course.

Together they can win or wind up crushed and broken in a heap.

Another example in a more fun direction would be Cyclops from X-Men.

When Scott Summer’s eyes opened without special lens to focus them an uncontrollable beam of destruction shoots out.

Only when he learned to focus that beam with a lens did he start to cut through things with laser accuracy.

Without this focus, he would be blinded by his inability to trust his own eyes open.

Without finding that lens of focus, you may leave your prospects of productivity destroyed and melted on the floor by your wildly uncontrolled brain.

Without learning control your jockey will be thrown from the horse, who will then run wherever it pleases unchecked.

It’s about balance. It’s about harnessing this great power and focusing it.

You will be thrown from the horse at times. Do not let this get you down.

You are dealing with something very powerful and it takes time to learn how to use it effectively. Always respect it and you will learn to work with it.

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